Countries We Service for Selling Farms


The world’s third-largest grain producer has considerable advantages in production and profit levels. It is also ranked second worldwide in terms of certified surface area for organic production. It is a key producer and exporter of commodities, raw materials, and food products and offers outstanding lifestyle opportunities.


As the sixth largest economy in the world – expected to reach fifth place in the next decade – and the largest in Latin America, Brazil is today one of the best markets for foreign investment and is increasingly important in the international geopolitical stage. We specialise in commercial farms that are not connected to rainforest issues.


Chile is the highest-rated economy in Latin America and among emerging economies worldwide. International organizations have highlighted its sustained economic growth and social progress; in 2010, it was the first South American country to join the OECD.


Paraguay is an open door for business in the heart of South America. It offers excellent regulatory and geographic incentives for foreign investment, laws to stimulate a manufacturing-for-export industry, and a favourable tax regime.


South America’s third-largest country by surface area has substantial natural resources and direct sea access to and from Asian markets. It is one of the beneficiaries of increased Asian-South American trade. Prudent macroeconomic and free-market policies have stimulated exports and attracted foreign investment.


Uruguay has been granted “Investment grade” by the British IBCA and Moody’s. This distinction indicates that Uruguay is considered a country free of risk for investment. It ranks as one of the top three countries in Latin America for its ability to pay its external debt.

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